Once the bell has rung, I will ask students to pull out their anticipation guides they worked on at the end of class yesterday.

DETAILED ANSWER KEYS: All questions, including short answer and essay analysis have detailed answer keys SHORT STORY ESSENTIALS Key Devices: anachronism, allusion, characterization, diction, imagery,.

What reason does George give for not trying to cheat? George says if he starts doing it everyone else will start doing it too and they'll be casted back in to the dark ages with everyone competing against each other. In “Harrison Bergeron,” one of the key literary elements is irony.


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Consternation: feelings of anxiety or dismay, typically at. . Directions: First, read the statement and decide whether you agree or disagree by writing either a "T" for true or "F" for false.


Harrison Bergeron Text-Dependent Questions Answer Key (attached) Harrison Bergeron Vocabulary (attached) DIFFERENTIATION. . S.

Answer Key. Figurative Language: “Picture Making” Phrases.


" Included in a four page document: Brilliant advantages and.

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"Harrison Bergeron" Anticipation Guide. In "Harrison Bergeron," how do Hazel and George react to the televised murder of their son? Why aren't Harrison's parents more emotionally affected by the death of their son?.

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If many people become ill, then the output of the economy will be negatively affected.

1: Students will create a variety of multimodal content to engage specific audiences.


In the U. WHy did george have to wear it? to keep him from taking advantage of his brain. Fill-in-the-blanks: "The year was _____ and everybody was finally _____ 2.

Historical Context: Vonnegut’s Political and Social Critique. . FOCUSED ACTIVITIES. This is a 25 item, multiple choice test with 8 discussion questions. 2 Name _____ Harrison Bergeron A CTIVITY G UIDE Q UESTIONS Directions: Read the short story "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut and answer the questions below in complete sentences. ____2.

You need a quiz / test for Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron.

This is a 25 item, multiple choice test with 8 discussion questions. .

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Though this is tragic, the Bergerons “couldn’t think about it very hard,” since Hazel can’t think about anything very hard and George, who has above-average strength and intelligence, must wear mental.

The central and title character, Harrison Bergeron, is, of course, a threat to this community since he is physically fit, handsome, intellectual, and, what is worse, rebellious.

Introduce Harrison Bergeron Short Story: 5 minutes: - This is a fictional short story - Written in a future society--2081 - Everyone is meant to be the same - Everyone equal by the government - People are “handicapped” to be average - Harrison challenges this system.

Calibrated: marked with a scale of readings.